International Students

You are considered an International Student if:

  1. You are not a citizen of the United States of America, and
  2. You are not a U.S. Permanent Resident, Refugee, Asylee, or Jay Treaty status holder.

Admissions requirements for International Students include the same criteria for all degree-seeking students, as well as:

  • English Proficiency
  • Proof of Financial Resources
  • Health Insurance

More information for international students is available from International Student Programs and Services.

Degree Requirements

Please review our International Graduate Admissions Requirements summary to discover the minimum degree required of students from each country.

English Proficiency

Proof of English proficiency is required for any international applicant born in a country where English is not the official language.  

Please check the Graduate College's English Requirement list to verify your need to submit an English proficiency test.  

Tests must be dated within 2 years of the enrollment term to be considered valid.

Acceptable English Proficiency tests are: 

Conditional Admission

Conditional Admission is a departmental promise of future admission for international students who have met all Graduate College requirementsexcept the English proficiency requirement.

Helpful Facts regarding Conditional Admission:

  • There are no exceptions to meeting the minimum English requirement. 
  • Conditionally admitted students are not permitted to enroll in degree courses until their English requirement is met and they have been formally admitted into a degree program.
  • Conditionally admitted students are required to successfully complete the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) English training course or submit acceptable English proficiency test scores before final degree admission can be granted. 
  • The English requirement must be met within one year of the Conditional Admission term.
  • The department will adjust the semester of admission to the degree program after the English requirement has been met.
  • Students must apply to and enroll at CESL, at their own or their sponsor's expense, with the expectation of achieving English proficiency within one year.
  • If English proficiency is not achieved within one year of the Conditional Admission, the applicant must re-apply to the Graduate College.

Visa Information

The student's initial I-20 or DS-2019 will be generated by CESL.  At the time of formal admission into the Graduate College, the student's visa must be transferred from CESL to the University of Arizona Graduate College. Once all financial guarantee requirements have been met, a new I-20 or DS-2019 for the degree program can be issued by the Graduate College.

Further information on The Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) can be found on their website at


Those exempt from submitting English proficiency scores are:

  • Applicants from countries where English is the official language.
  • Applicants who have completed a bachelors or graduate degree at a regionally accredited institution in the United States, or an approved institution in an official English speaking country.  Degree must not be older than two years from the term of enrollment.
  • Applicants who have completed two years of full-time academic study must have 48 upper division, graded undergraduate semester units or 30 graded, graduate semester units.

Financial Guarantee and Visa Requirements

Students requesting non-immigrant visas (I-20 or DS-2019) must certify that they possess adequate financial resources to support themselves while in residence at The University of Arizona and must submit the Financial Guarantee Form.

Helpful Financial Guarantee Information:

  • Financial guarantee documents must be dated within six months of the term of admission, must be in English, and should be addressed to The University of Arizona Graduate College.
  • Departmental funding can serve as proof towards completion of the financial guarantee.
  • It is acceptable to combine various types of funding such as student's personal funds, family funds, sponsor funding, and/or departmental funding to meet the total guarantee requirement.
  • Family members (spouse or child/ren) that accompany students to the United States require proof of additional funding. 
  • Please check with your intended department regarding their timeline for funding decisions.  

Sponsor Information:

  • If a student is sponsored through an organization or government agency, the sponsor must provide the Graduate Admissions Office and the International Student Services office with the terms of support.
  • An official sponsorship letter must include specific information regarding the amount and duration of the financial award. 
  • Some sponsors require the University of Arizona to bill their organization for student tuition and fees.  If so, details must be handled through an embassy or an agency located within the United States.
  • Prior to registration, an official letter regarding billing information must be sent to
    International Student Services Office
    University of Arizona
    915 N. Tyndall Ave.
    Tucson, Arizona 85721-0441

Health Insurance

Students on non-immigrant visas are required by The University of Arizona to carry student accident and illness insurance coverage for each term of enrollment.  The cost of insurance is included in the amount of the financial guarantee and is incorporated into your semester fees automatically upon registration.

Students covered by their government or sponsoring agency may be exempted from The University of Arizona's insurance plan when their government or sponsoring agency has submitted accident and sickness insurance plans deemed acceptable by The University of Arizona.  Contact Campus Health for more information regarding an insurance exemption.

Students hired as Graduate Assistants in teaching or research will have their individual health insurance coverage paid by The University of Arizona.  Additional information about this benefit will be sent to admitted international students who receive teaching or research assistant positions.

More information regarding our Campus Health Service can be found on the Campus Health website.