Letter From the Director

The business world is changing at an unprecedented rate. It is anticipated that change will continue to be the hallmark of global business well into the foreseeable future. With such dramatic changes, the businessperson of the future will be impacted by a barrage of contemporaneous events, such as

1.) Emerging and transition economies challenging more traditional commercial economies;
2) High technology availability for a reasonable price throughout the world;
3.) Hypercompetition among global organizations;
4.) worldwide communications connectivity;
5.) the advent of coalitions among leading trade partners (e.g., European Union);
6.) worldwide labor markets; resulting in:
7.) global organizations.

The Master's Program of Marketing will address these issues and will provide students with a dynamic perspective of business. Classes in high technology marketing, creativity, high tech innovation, advanced marketing research as well as a “live” masters thesis/projects, will create the foundation that is needed for you to become business leaders of the future.

Tirthankar Roy
Director, Master's Program in Marketing
Senior Lecturer, Marketing